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In the Studio with Flameworker Brad Jesson

In the Studio with Flameworker Brad Jesson

We recently had the opportunity to visit flameworker Brad Jesson at his studio in Stratford, Ontario. Watch the video below to see Brad's work in glass marble and pendant making.

Brad began working with flameworked glass in January of 2008, and has practiced his art on a full-time basis since February of 2010. A self-taught artist, Brad learned flameworking techiques through books, videos, internet glass forums, and at the Art Glass Invitational (an annual week-long conference held in Pennsylvania, with daily seminars for flameworkers).

Brad creates a wide variety of both functional and non-functional glass art objects, including marbles, vases, pendants, and sculptures. He is especially passionate about marbles; of interest is the juxtaposition of organic forms and patterns with the perfect geometry of a sphere, and the overall challenge, both physical and mental, of mastering the wide array of known techniques that can be used to create them in conjunction with the development of new techniques and designs. A large part of Brad’s attraction to borosilicate flameworking is the fact that this type of glass, and therefore the medium in general, is still very much in its’ infancy, leaving considerable room for growth and exploration.

To see more of Brad Jesson's work, visit His beautiful pendants are available as part of Cedar Lake's necklace collection and at select festivals, markets, and shows in Ontario.

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