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12 Gifts of Canadian Art for Every Budget

12 Gifts of Canadian Art for Every Budget

Art is something to enjoy everyday, but art can also be an expensive proposition. Cedar Lake carefully chooses the work of Canadian artists and artisans to provide innovative and inspiring pieces in different mediums and in a range of prices. Here are some suggestions of artwork for just about any budget.

Fibre art note cards

1. Tiny Works of Textile Art
These stitched and beaded fabric art cards feature an enchanting miniature fabric landscape measuring just over 2 inches square and created using a combination of machine and hand stitching. Each handmade by an artist in British Columbia, Canada they are beautiful to send and beautiful when framed.

$19.95 (set of two)


Hand Carved Bird on Stone

2. Hand Carved Bird
This tiny sparrow sits looking about on a smooth grey stone picked from the Canadian Shield. Hand carved by an award-winning artist who lives in Northern Ontario each bird is slightly different. The tiny feathered friend is approximately 3 1/2' from beak to tip of tail.


Robert Wu - Marbled Graphic

3. Inuit, Marbled Art
This contemporary graphic titled "Inuit" was created by a Toronto, Ontario artist using the ancient art of marbling, painting on the surface of water. Colours are floated on a gelatinous size and detailed designs are created on the surface with combs and rakes. A sheet of paper is then laid on top to transfer the pattern from water to paper! Thus, each work is unique.

$59.95 Unframed

Tri-wood pendant with silver chain.

4. Tri-Wood Pendant
Handcrafted in London, Ontario and carefully created, this beautiful necklace is a wearable piece of art. African blackwood, maple and bloodwood are skillfully combined and suspended from a sterling silver box chain making this pendant one that will be noticed.


Saggar Round Decorative Vase

5. Saggar Round Decorative Vase
Saggar pottery is among the most exciting of the clay crafts because of its unpredictability. Prepared pots are nestled into saggars filled with materials: sawdust, metal pieces, etc. Some of the materials ignite or fume during firing marking the wares dramatically with colour. This elegant vase is amazing from every position.


Metal Tree Sculpture

6. Tree Sculpture - Resilience Series
This stunning piece is one of a series of tree sculptures called 'Resilience'. It stands approximately 12" tall and is created out of steel with copper accents. Each branch is hand cut and soldered to the trunk. The natural stone base balances the weight of the tree, reminiscent of trees holding onto the great rocks of Canada's north.


Smoke-fired decorative lidded pot

7. Smoke-fired Decorative Lidded Pot
Finished with a beautiful silk-like smoothness, this smoke-fired lidded pot with a handle of gray driftwood was created by an accomplished Canadian potter.  This eastern-inspired one-of-a-kind piece will add an exotic note to your art collection.


Lake Nippissing Watercolour Painting

8. Lake Nipissing, Watercolour Painting
"Lake Nipissing" depicts a lake still covered in the ice and snow of a Canadian winter. This view of the lake was painted en plein air by a prolific Kitchener, Ontario artist who braved the cold to capture it. This unframed painting measures 10" x 15" and depicts the expanse and mystery of this Canadian lake.


Etching - The Blackthorn

9. The Blackthorn, Artist's Proof 
This exceptionally detailed etching depicts a typical dry-stacked stone wall and the Irish Blackthorn from which traditional Irish walking canes have been made for hundreds of years. This beautiful artist proof of an draighean dubh (the Blackthorn) is hand-printed by the artist, signed, numbered and framed in a soldered glass frame.


Spalt Maple Bowl

10. Wood-turned Spalt Maple Bowl 
A magnificent art piece, this Spalt Maple bowl is a beauty to see and to feel. Woodworkers seek out spalted wood for the unique colouration and patterns including zone lines, as seen in this piece. The Stratford, Ontario artist has created this wonderfully smooth piece on his lathe to be enjoyed for years to come. Diameter: 13 1/2". Height: 2 3/4"



Canada Geese - oil pastel painting

11. Canada Geese in Flight, Watercolour and Oil Pastel 
What could be more Canadian than the Canadian Goose? And this artist has captured three in flight with watercolour and oil pastel. A graphic representation of these birds that will add a point of interest in any room.

$600 Unframed

Rocky Path Flower Pot Island - Oil Painting

12. Rocky Path, Flower Pot Island, Landscape Oil Painting
Though a bigger budget item, when compared to the iconic historical Canadian favourites (eg the Group of Seven), these works are tremendously affordable, and you will enjoy the same stunning landscapes that remind us of why we love our country. Painted by an accomplished Russian-Canadian painter you will see his remarkable skill, evident in the smallest detail of this work. Oil on canvas, 16" x 14"

$1,800 Unframed


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