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New Artist's Work Shows His Love of the North

Richard Sturgeon - Metal - Stone Art

Cedar Lake is thrilled to add another new artist to the stable of Canadian artists who create artworks and one-of-a-kind pieces for the shop.

Richard Sturgeon, had worked with a number of different mediums including pottery before moving to metal. Richard was instantly drawn to metal work after seeing the work of Alexander Calder, the American sculptor who is known as the originator of the mobile. Through a deliberate employment of balance and tension, Richard crafts works that simultaneously convey both weightlessness and grounding. Richard is also an avid kayaker and his love of the northern wilderness is evident in his work. Cedar Lake carries a number of his steel trees from a series called 'Resilience'. Each branch is hand-cut and soldered to the trunk on copper-plated stems. The natural stone base balances the weight of the tree, reminiscent of trees holding onto the great rocks of Canada's north. These trees are a smaller scale than many of Richard's steel pieces, but equally representative of his approach to his work.

The London, Ontario artist has created sculpture and furniture with flowing lines and a sense of motion for architectural and landscape installations for public and private collectors throughout North America. “The essence of my work lies in breaking form into its most basic and necessary lines, revealing the purest of attitudes and emotions of a sculpture.”

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