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10 Best Gift Ideas for Children

Looking for unique gifts for babies, toddlers, little boys and girls and even teenagers? Cedar Lake has sourced out eco-friendly, imaginatively-designed and high quality children’s products. Take advantage of this curated selection of the best gifts for children.



1. Baby Bird Rattle

Made of soft organic sherpa cotton and wool felt and approximately 6" tall, the baby bird sleeps inside of a custom box with its nest screen-printed on the front. Baby Squirrel Rattle also available.

 pookie wool sock hat

2. Pook Hats and Mitts

Could this little toque and matching mitts be any cuter? Lined with cozy plaid flannel this stylish little hat is reversible and can also be worn with the "feet" each tied in a knot to make “the Princess Leia” or “the bear”. The mittens, lined with cozy matching plaid flannel, are easy to slip on but they stay on too

 moose puppet


3. One-of-a-Kind Puppet

Each puppet is handmade in Ontario, Canada using recycled wool. These playful hand puppets encourage creativity and storytelling. Approximately 12” tall. Cat, dog, giraffe, monkey and beaver also available.


4. Stuffed Animal

A goofy, loveable stuffed replica of the world's tallest animal. Each reclaimed-wool giraffe is unique, so you are guaranteed to never see another giraffe exactly like yours! Standing from 16" to 22" tall, the stuffed animals are eco-friendly as well as safe and playful for kids of all ages. Monkeys and dogs also available.


5. Magical Flip Doll

This special doll is both doll and dragonfly. When you reverse the doll's dress you uncover its secret identity - Dragonfly. Ripple is 19" tall and comes in a stunning 20" x 4" x 4 1/2" light-wood, slide-lid collector box with dragonfly wings printed on the slide-lid. Mini version available. (Does not come with collector box). 



6. One-of-a-Kind Puppet-Making Kit

Bring a puppet to life in your very own hands! This puppet making kit contains everything you need and each wool kit is one-of-a-kind so each puppet will be as unique as the child (or adult) that creates them.


7. DIY Field and Fauna/DIY Creatures

Create your own creatures, earthly or other-worldly. Using cardboard cut-outs and familiar widgets, pen and crayons, breathe life into a new creature and top it off with felt ears, antlers, or maybe a beau chapeau. Designed to ignite play, story-telling and the continuation of creation.

 DIY Scrappy dog kit

8. DIY Scrappy Dog Kit

Contains everything you need to build an adorable stuffie and dog house. Perfect for school breaks or for long weekends at home with the kids. Finish your stuffed dog, and then turn the box into your pup's own custom dog house.



9. Pi Etched-steel Belt Buckle

Do you have a science-minded teenager? This buckle will speak to those kids who love numbers and theory, and who are proud of their “geekiness”. Cedar Lake also carries Canadian leather belts if you would like to add to the gift.

 pook wool sock hat

10. Pook Transformer Hat and Matching Mitts

It’s multifunctional and totally reversible! With unlimited styling options, (comes with its very own style flow chart kit page) this toque is far more than a hat. It’s a sculpture for your head, a public icebreaker, and a sensory deprivation tool. Matching mitts also available, although they only keep your hands warm, no fancy transforming there.




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