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Top 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day

Sweet mother and child animal picture

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the great men of the 19th century, said what he knew to be an undeniable truth, and what he also knew to be a universal truth. No one can love or inspire a child, like a mother can.

Here are five gorgeous gifts to give the woman who gave you the gift of life, and the greatest gift of all – unconditional love.

handmade journal1. A beautiful handmade journal for the mom who travels, or would love to. Each page is hand-torn and coptic bound by hand into the authentic vintage map cover of this unique journal. $32.95

glass pendant2. A flame-worked glass pendant and sterling silver chain for the mom who appreciates “unique pretty things”. Captured in glass, a mystery of heat and colour that will delight that special woman in your life. $35.95

bookmarks and book lovers magnets3. Book Lovers magnet set and bookmarks for the mom who steals moments once the children are in bed, or grown and gone, to escape with her favourite author. Designed to make her laugh… just as you were. $17.95 magnet set and $6.95 bookmark.

silk belt buckles4. One-of-a-kind Chinese silk belt buckle for the hip, young (or still-feels-young) mom who loves fashion. Each buckle’s insert is individually chosen and cut from Chinese silk to create an exquisite belt buckle. Perfect with jeans and a t-shirt, or a cotton summer dress. $59.95

carved wood birds on branch5. Black walnut birds and babies carving for the mom who loves being reminded of her little ones. Hand carved by a Canadian master carver whose inspiration is the Canadian wild and all its wonders, this piece will forever hold a special place in a mother’s heart and home. $120

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