Original Painting, Acrylic on Board - BIRCH GROVE

$300.00 CAD

The Group of Seven, formed in 1920, by seven painters who wanted to give Canada its own style of painting; a style that reflected the rugged countryside. Almost 100 years later artists are still inspired by the group, and in this case particularly Tom Thomson (1877-1917). Although Thomson died over a hundred years ago, his paintings continue to be some of the finest art of Canada. Armstrong, having painted for many decades, has an affinity for Thomson's bold use of colour resulting in an amazingly textured painting. 

Acrylic on board, image Size: 10" x 8" Framed size: 15" x 13" 

Additional cost of shipping is not included in the listed price and will be determined at time of purchase. Hand delivery within Southwestern Ontario is available for a fee.

The Artist: David C. Armstrong started painting as a boy, growing up in Ottawa, Ontario. He studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and then at the Art Center Los Angeles. In L.A. he instructed at the Butler Fine Arts School. He has painted in three primary mediums. In Toronto, he painted abstracts and figures. Moving to the Georgian Bay area, he painted in the footsteps of the Group of Seven, establishing his reputation as an oil painter. In the early 90's, when he relocated to Brentwood Bay just outside Victoria, BC he painted the island villages, the rugged coast, and the West Coast sky, mostly in watercolour. Since returning to Ontario he has been using acrylics “and my work is larger and looser because of it”. David tailor-makes his own frames from white pine or basswood for each painting. The frames are wide, painted to show layers of colour in the old traditional way of gesso with a patina worked into the surface, and appropriate to his style of painting. ”As an easel artist, I paint vertically and directly. Most paintings are done 'a la prima'. I paint where I am; and farms, villages, and urban landscapes are frequent themes.” “I paint with a young boy’s enthusiasm, and an old man’s eye!”

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