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Jackelyn Anderson

OWL - Original Three-dimensional Carved Sculpture

OWL - Original Three-dimensional Carved Sculpture

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Original three-dimensional carvings are rarely available from this artist. This newest piece is exquisitely created out of sculpting clay and showcases the amazing detail that this artist extracts from her medium. This wonderful carving perfectly captures the look and demeanor of this tiny saw-whet, a skill that the artist is well-known for. Add this piece to your collection. 

Size:  6" tall

The Artist: Jackelyn Anderson, an Ayr, Ontario-area sculptor, has always had a passion for sculpting, and has been honing her craft for almost 30 years. Jackelyn worked for several companies including Seagull Pewter, Robert Hall Originals, and Chelsea International, designing and sculpting jewelry, home decor and souvenirs. While at Seagull Pewter she sculpted pieces for Disney, Peanuts, and DC Comics.

A few years ago, Jackelyn decided to go out on her own and create art that reflects her love of nature, animals and renaissance art. She enjoys turning these interests into sculptures. created out of sculpture-quality gypsum cement. While she still does freelance sculpting jobs, she is now able to fulfill a part of her that was missing when she was working for others. “I love being creative and sculpting…to do what I am best at, and what makes me happy”.

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