Collection: Ken Clements


Ken Clements, a Cambridge artist born in Guelph and raised in Kitchener, took his first job after graduating from Conestoga College in graphic design and advertising, at a company called Typsetira. A Toronto-based boutique type house, it was run by probably one of the most famous Canadian type designers, Les Usherwood. As a Custom Headline Studio Typographer, Ken’s world was expressed in black and white, positive and negative. He then moved on to Headliners of Canada.
The rise of computer use in graphics caused the demise of type houses, and the long tradition of this art form. With a career change in mind Ken attended Sheridan College in Oakville, for furniture design, where he “got over his fear of colour”.
Twenty years later he began experimenting and playing with oil pastels. “It took me a while to get here, but I feel like all of the experiences have contributed to where I am [as an artist] today. Ken’s work is made of layers of mixed media, often adding more texture and movement by cutting into those layers with other tools, creating his detailed pieces.

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