Pottery Bowl medium (55)

$54.95 CAD

A perfect size bowl for fruit or small salad. The shape of this one-of-a-kind pottery piece makes it exceptionally functional and perfect for display on the counter filled with fruit or on your dining table with a delicious salad presented in it.

Size: Range from 7" - 8" x 4" - 4 1/2"

The Artist/Designer: Natalie Prevost is an award-winning clay artist. A native of a small French community close to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Natalie started playing in mud long before being a clay artist. She now lives in Paris, Ontario, Canada where she has been teaching pottery for 20 years. In 2007, one of her pieces was chosen as a gift for Prince Andrew, Duke of York on his visit to Canada. “I love what I do… To keep my work fresh with shape and design I look to nature. It answers any questions I might have. I picked this art form for many reasons, one of which is having fire respond directly to the vessels and letting the earth, air, fire, and water speak for itself.”