Framed Print - Stone Wall and Blackthorn Bush

$25.95 CAD

Ireland is famous for its stone walls as depicted here. What is perhaps less known is the use of the shillelagh. The roots of the Irish Blackthron bush were used to carve the shillelagh for Bataireacht (Bat-er-akt), an ancient Irish martial art. The weapon, looking much like a walking stick, was used to strike, parry and disarm an opponent. It was considered a gentlemanly way of settling a dispute.

Behind glass and with leaded frame, this delightful print of the unassuming bush will be a sweet favourite propped on a desk or dresser or in the perfect place on a tiny wall. Or buy more than one to hang together and make an Irish scenes collection.

Framed print is 5" x 5". 

The Artist/Designer: Artist Norman Stiff and his wife Pam returned to Canada after working for many years at Bothar Bui Studio, a fine art studio in Dublin, Ireland during the 1990's. Their work represents many of the much-loved Irish landscapes and symbols. Norman creates most of the pieces using the time-honoured technique of copperplate etching. His original print is hand pulled and watercolour is added to bring the piece to life. The final image is then reproduced using archival inks and paper and presented in unique handcrafted leaded glass frames made by Pam.