100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag - Kingfisher or Cardinal

$27.95 CAD

The original birds of the work of Wendy Campbell adorn these 100% cotton two-colour bags. A stylish bag with black bottom and handles, it useful for just about anything - books, shopping, odds and ends. 

Size: 18" x 14" 100% cotton canvas. Available in-gallery at 27 Ainslie St. N., Cambridge, Ontario or as an add-on to another shipping order.

The Artist: Wendy Campbell is a Hamilton, Ontario based artist focusing mainly on painting and illustration. Having spent many years outside of Canada in places including Grand Cayman Island, Germany, and Japan, her work is a fusion of her experiences with the people, the art, and the customs of these locations as well as her adventures in Canada. Also, Wendy has some First Nations heritage which is often reflected (unconsciously) in her work. "My abstract paintings belong to a series called “Chaos Theory” and refer (loosely) to the concept that all things in this world are connected – that even a very small change can result in dramatic effects over distance and time. The paintings are deconstructions of elements in nature, its wildlife, landscapes, sky and water. Colours are scattered and layered repeatedly and then heavily outlined to create a cohesive whole. Ultimately, these paintings are a kind of “meditative wish” – a wish for a humankind that reflects carefully on its choices; a humankind with a resolute awareness that even the smallest steps in a different direction, could, over time, change everything.”