Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas - THERE IS A WORD FOR IT...

$2,500.00 CAD

Looking for that captivating piece that will be the focal point, and a piece to enjoy every day? Here the artist has his signature layers of vivid colour and texture from sweeps of his palette knife. However, less typical is his overlayed geometric concept with two intersecting ovals representing two people and where they meet. The large bold purple and blue rectangle represents the passion of the two. A rich, gorgeous piece for a special space.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 50". Available at Cedar Lake Studios, 19 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge, ON. Due to the size and nature of paintings, cost of shipping will be determined at time of purchase. Hand delivery within 200 kms of Cambridge is also available for a fee.

The Artist: Joel Masewich, a full-time artist for 35 years, is based in Salem, Ontario, near the banks of the Irvine River. Joel’s work is inspired by the nature experienced everyday, and on his frequent kayaking and hiking trips. His work is known for the rich layers and visual references to water and light, blurring the line between representational and abstract painting. His graphite markings, line and brush work, and his use of palette knives create the layers and sharp colour extremes in his works on paper and canvas. Joel is also known, and regularly commissioned, for large landscape works of acrylic, layered with stainless and powder coated steel and copper. His work is collected by both private collectors and major corporations and has been featured in exhibitions and galleries across North America.

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