Agate Bead Bracelet - Blue Agate

$35.95 CAD

A bright beautiful blue bracelet that will brighten up any outfit. You can't help but feel good wearing this one with its royal blue, sky blue, water blue beads that catch the light. The slightly faceted beads are on a stretch wire making this a quick and easy addition to your outfit. Each bracelet has a dragonfly or tree of life charm.

About the designer: April Mitchell-Boudreau is a Métis person and jewellery designer who since childhood has been more at home in the woods, and in nature, than in most places. "I would hold a stone in my hand, and feel a low thrill of life, thrumming under the calm exterior. I started to notice that the stones all had their own voices, and some spoke more loudly to me at different times than others. Sometimes when I am working, the voices are so loud, I can't hear anything else, I can only feel the singing energy in my blood, and I just follow where it leads." 

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