Christmas Sweater Ornaments - Bear, Candy Cane, Tree

$9.95 CAD

These delightful "not-ugly" Christmas sweaters are handmade in Nepal by women artisans. The detail on the two-sided sweaters are done with precision and care, and will be charming on the tree.

The Artist/Designer: Cedar Lake is pleased to be working with Hamro Village, a “social brand that offers ethical shopping at its finest”. Hamro Village provides marginalized women artisans in rural Nepal opportunities, allowing them to access basic needs for their livelihood that may not otherwise be available. The artisans and producers are treated in a fair and equitable manner, provided a sustainable means of making a living and treated with dignity. “It is through utilizing the artisan's craftsmanship that we are able to provide many people with an income, which, in turn is used to feed families and send children to school”.