Crabapple Tree Sterling Silver Hollow Necklace

$195.00 CAD

The Crabapple tree, despite its name, is a beautiful tree, both in shape and in bloom. On this necklace, the Crabapple's pleasing silhouette is cut by hand with a jeweller's saw. A ring is formed and soldered to create the depth of the pendant, and the back is added. The sterling silver has a brushed finish and the interior is oxidized for contrast. All in all this is a stunning piece which sits prominently on the wearer. The pendant hangs from a 17" sterling silver chain that passes through the pendant itself adding to the interest of this necklace.

Pendant portion is approximately 1.25" in diameter and 0.5" deep.

The Artist/Designer: Miranda is an artist and jeweller with a BFA in visual art from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia), and training in jewellery making from the Haliburton School of the Arts in Ontario. Miranda’s lifelong fascination with personal adornment and her artistic talent has inspired her to develop a distinctive aesthetic, creating thoughtful and intimate works of art for the body that are inspired by the objects and shapes that she encounters in her daily life. She works primarily with precious metals, however, she sees beauty in even the simplest things. “I find the stories told by a discarded photograph, an old piano key or a hand-picked beach stone just as precious as any gemstone and I often incorporate these objects into my jewellery”.

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