"Dog Lover" Sterling Silver and Bronze Charm Necklace

$79.95 CAD

If you are a dog lover or you have a friend who is, this may be the perfect gift. Holding these charms handcrafted from sterling silver and bronze, and with a tiny periodot bead, this 18" satellite sterling silver chain necklace will become a favourite, and a declaration of love for the furry friend!

Size: paw charm in bronze and silver in 3/8", "woof" is 1/2" long.

The Artist/Designer: Kate Singer, a Toronto-area jewellery artist for over 15 years, has created a line of charms that is at once sweet yet subtly sophisticated. All of the images are based on Kate's collection of illustrations. Kate handcrafts models based on her drawings, which are then cast into silver or bronze. The pieces are polished, a patina is applied, and then they are set into contrasting metal frames, or left as is in the case of the 3-D charms. Kate chooses to work in sterling silver and bronze to ensure a lasting product, and one that will continue to grow richer with age. Each piece is hand finished, soldered, assembled and packaged in her studio. Kate takes pride in using local production for her casting needs, and employing graduates from the local jewellery arts program in the studio. “We make it our mission to keep traditional handmade processes thriving in our local economy.”