Etched Steel Belt Buckle - Birch Tree

$39.95 CAD

There are close to 60 different species of birch that grow in temperate climate around the world. Birch usually grows near the lakes and rivers making it one of the most popular trees known to nature-lovers. Birch is also loved because of its pioneer species designation, easily populating habitats destroyed by fire. Here the birch trees are skillfully etched across the thick steel buckle. This is a sturdy buckle that will surprise you with its quality.

Buckle is 3" x 2" and will work with any belt that is made for a buckle. Cedar Lake also carries quality leather belts that are perfect for the etched buckles. Belts sold separately.

Heather Church, the artist and designer has combined her love of philosophy and art with creative experimentations in steel. Style meets utility in the wearable art Heather produces in her country studio near beautiful Lake Huron, Ontario. Heather designs and hand works each piece in small batches, so every item truly is a one-of-a-kind experience. Buckles and pendants are permanently etched using timeless motifs and quotations, so that everyone can find a piece that allows for unique self-expression. Heather is committed to the exclusive use of locally sourced materials, so buyers can feel confident that they are supporting independent producers and ethical practices.

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