Framed Celtic Drawing - Single

$24.95 CAD

Celtic art has a rich heritage of art, symbols and mythology. In these fine drawings the artist has created original contemporary designs inspired by age-old Celtic designs.

Each print is ready to be hung are in traditional leaded glass frame and are a perfect gift for lovers of the Emerald Isle. Each print is 3" x 8". Please indicate at checkout which one of the three you are choosing (four birds, one bird or two birds).

The Artist/Designer: Artist Norman Stiff and his wife Pam returned to Canada after working for many years at Bothar Bui Studio, a fine art studio in Dublin, Ireland during the 1990's. Their work represents many of the much-loved Irish landscapes and symbols. Norman creates most of the pieces using the time-honoured technique of copperplate etching. His original print is hand pulled and watercolour is added to bring the piece to life. The final image is then reproduced using archival inks and paper and presented in unique handcrafted leaded glass frames made by Pam.

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