Framed Limited-Edition Print - GENERATIONS

$275.00 CAD

GENERATIONS, by Isaac Bignell (1958-1995) is a work typical of the fuid lines and sponged paint style of this artist. This limited-edition (178/195) is professionally framed with archival mat and a red-brown concave aluminum frame to set off the compelling image of a parent and young loon.

Framed size: 20" x 24"

The Artist: Isaac Bignell was a Cree painter, born in 1958 on the Pas Reserve, Manitoba. Isaac moved to Winnipeg, then to Minneapolis and later to Vancouver. Largely a self-taught painter, Isaac developed his own style of fluid lines, and soft earthy tones of wildlife images set against simple stylized backgrounds that he has become known for.

“My art is strongly influenced by the traditional ways of my people. I was brought up to live off the land from an early age. Hunting and trapping, living in harmony with the earth has taught me to respect the animals and the spirit and power of nature.”

Isaac died at the peak of his career at the age of 37, but his art remains as his legacy. His friendship and style of work influenced many other contemporary artists during his short life, including Garnett Tobacco.