Glass Design Art Piece

$975.00 CAD

Beginning with just a drawn curved line on a large piece of paper, the work of the artist evolves until each piece is created and connected, resulted in a stunning glass design. The skill of the artist can be seen in every curve of the glass, which naturally wants to break in straight line. As with his other pieces, this one is one-of-a-kind and continually changing depending on the location and the light of where it is hung. This is a beautiful and unusual addition to any art collection. Approximately 23" in diameter.

Available in store only, or contact Cedar Lake for shipping/delivery costs and arrangements.

The Artist/Designer: Gord Brown, a Cambridge, Ontario artist, graduated from the fine arts program at the University of Guelph and Althouse teacher’s college in London, Ontario. A long teaching career in the Visual Arts in Kitchener allowed him to share his love and knowledge of art with hundreds of children. Once free to focus full-time on his art, Gord turned to the medium of glass, creating intricate hanging glass designs and glass and copper lamps. “The work I do in glass is an interesting interplay of texture, light, reflected images and shapes seen in and through the glass that change at different times of the day, and seasons of the year.”
The uniqueness of Gord’s work is partially due to the inclusion of chunks of “cullet “ glass. Gord uses a blow torch to explode large glass pieces, jackhammered from huge glass furnaces, searching for the unusual and unblemished pieces that will work in each piece. “Uniqueness in any art form, done by any artist, is, in my books, very admirable”. Gord constantly pushes the boundaries of what form cut-glass can take and his one-of-a-kind pieces reflect his pursuit of crossing into new territory.