Serpentine Carving - METAMORPHOSE

$695.00 CAD

This piece of pale green serpentine was transformed into this sitting bear, carved by a Cambridge, Ontario artist who grew up on the north channel of Lake Huron. METAMORPHOSE, revealed "a posture part bear and part man." Is he searching the sky, praying or basking in the sun? He is at once majestic and whimsical, and his colouring is so unusual with the variations in the stone. Add this special piece to your art collection. 

Size: 10" high, approximately 5" wide. The piece is quite green (as you might imagine with green quartz). It may show differently due to monitor calibration.

Due to weight, this piece is available in gallery only at Cedar Lake Studios, 27 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge, ON. Hand delivery available within 100 kms of Cambridge for a fee.

The video below show the process of the artist working on another bear (sold).


The Carver: Wesley Booker grew up on the north channel of Lake Huron, an upbringing that would eventually draw him back artistically to his art medium of choice. Wesley has always been interested in a variety of art. He participated in many visual art shows including at the Ethel Curry Gallery in Haliburton. In 2005 he attended Haliburton School of the Arts for the Artist Blacksmith certification. His love of art and design took him next to St. Lawrence College and an advanced diploma in Graphic Design.

In 2016, he started taking summer intensive courses at Haliburton School of the Arts for stone, carving by hand, power tools, and advanced studio practice methods. Wesley has found stone carving to be the most satisfying of all, both because of his love of the North Channel landscape and because it has been the most challenging. He also feels it is the most ‘pure’ and ‘simplistic’ medium. “The Canadian shield stone has its ageless forms which inspire my work to carve themselves from the tools used.”

“The beauty of working with stone is its timelessness. Stone is birthed from of the earth, formed and sculpted in its own perfect way, and I can bring new life to it carving with old and new methods.”