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Sindhu Nagaraju

Handpainted Sunflower Rock (35) - medium

Handpainted Sunflower Rock (35) - medium

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Take home a beautifully handpainted sunflower with mandala-style centres painted on rocks handpicked by the artist on her adventures. The full sunflowers are on white or black granite from Lake Superior. The triangular-shaped rocks collected from Hamilton Beach leant themselves to half sunflowers. On some of the rocks the artist has added words such as "thankful", "blessed", etc. The painted rocks are available in gallery only, 27 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge, ON, and as each is one-of-a-kind, they may be different than those pictures on this listing.

Size: 4" - 4 1/2" long, thickness will vary.

The Artist: Sindhu Nagaraju is a Dot Mandala artist, born and raised in southern India, and now based in Cambridge Ontario. Working on and completing her masters in Management Science from the University of Waterloo in 2014 meant her art was on the back burner. However, in 2018, Sindhu began her full-time art journey when a family tragedy compelled her to find healing in her innate creativity. The repetitious and meditative process of applying paint, dot by dot, helps explore self-expression, develop coping skills, bring calmness, and most importantly, practice mindfulness. Inspired by her life-long connection with nature, Sindhu drew on her cultural background and her new experience of fall colors and snowy winters to develop her own style.

Over the years, Sindhu has evolved her dot art to bring more texture into her work. She combines the traditional art of Dot Mandala into her work of native Canadian flora and fauna, which she frequently paints on handpicked rocks from various waterfronts in Canada. Sindhu “seeks beauty in every bit of my day on this land”.

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