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Brad Sisak

HERON IN THE REEDS (woodburning)

HERON IN THE REEDS (woodburning)

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Another piece showcasing the artist's love of this magnificent bird. The artist creates an original drawing which he then transfers onto the wood. He uses his woodburning tools to create the image on the carefully chosen wood piece. He has sanded the log to bring out the wood's natural light colour, and very smooth surface. For this piece he has also added the reeds, typical of the favourite spots of the heron. A very cool piece that is interesting over 180 degrees. 

 Size: 17 1/2" x 5 1/2" Due to the size and nature of the piece, it is available at the gallery only. 27 Ainslie St. N Cambridge, ON

The Artist: Brad Sisak, a Hamilton, Ontario artist was seeing what could be created out of almost anything from the time he was small. Working for many years in the machining industry, Brad spent his free-time following his passion for art. Whether word-burning, building sculptures or sketching, this artist is always pushing the boundaries of what can be made from the natural environment. Though new and innovative, his work still encapsulates everything that is compelling about the earth from which the materials come.

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