Inukshuk Handmade Silver Canoe on a Lake in the Sun with Inukshuk Necklace

$99.95 CAD

This handmade intricately crafted pendant represents a legend complete with an inukshuk in a canoe on the lake under the sun. An unusual piece that will attract attention and is a joy to wear.

Sterling Silver (925) Pendant is approx. 2" high and 3/4" wide and comes with 18" sterling silver (925) chain

About the artist: Carla Drimmie believes that each person is unique, and special, and the sum of everything that has come before. It’s that aesthetic that she works to bring to every piece of jewellery she creates. Each is handmade, often each tiny piece is created before each silver or gold "stone" is joined together, and therefore each piece is one-of-a-kind. Pieces borrow from a classical style, but with an added touch of whimsy to make them exceptional. 

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