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University Toronto Press

M is for Moose, A Charles Pachter Alphabet by Charles Pachter

M is for Moose, A Charles Pachter Alphabet by Charles Pachter

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One of Canada’s leading visual artists, Charles Pachter, adds a Canadian twist to the alphabet book with his M is for Moose, a delightful and unexpected take on a form we thought we knew well.
Combining words and images, M is for Moose is both visually stunning and full of fun. It includes images from Pachter’s portfolio of famous paintings, including Joy Ride, with the Queen on a moose, and a young Margaret Atwood with flaming red hair. Covering the iconic to the playful, it celebrates our country, history, and culture while offering a spirited lesson in the ABCs. An icon himself, Pachter’s work is collected globally. His M is for Moose is destined to become a classic of Canadian children’s literature.
Hardcover, 64 pages

“B is for beaver, British Columbia and butter tarts. Iconic artist Charles Pachter celebrates all things Canadian with his ABC book of patriotic imagery. Parents will appreciate the early art lesson, while little ones will benefit from the eh-to-Zs.”
— Canadian Family

“This eclectic collection of iconic images portraying A to Z will stimulate good discussions about the history, culture and landscape that make Canada unique.”
— Today’s Parent

“I predict that not only will this book be a best-seller this season but that it is destine to endure as one of this country’s all-time classics.”
— Toronto Star

“An engaging collection of his art and light verse…that adults will enjoy as much as children.”
— National Post

“Just the thing to send overseas or south of the border – a one stop all ages, entirely Canadian gift!”
— Quill & Quire

“C is for Canada – and for Charles Pachter’s mind. The Toronto artist’s passion for this country looms large in this alphabet book, which celebrates everything from canoes and ducks to the people who have left their own patterns on the very fabric of our nation … [This book] made me laugh out loud.”
— The Guelph Mercury

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