Maple Leaf Spray

$395.00 CAD

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind art piece will look perfect just about anywhere in your home or cottage. Handcrafted by ironwork artist Craig Palmer, the maple spray is a metal version of a branch of the Canadian maple tree. Each leaf is slightly different and is handpainted. Easily hangs on one nail. 

Size: 28" x 14". Available at Cedar Lake Studios, 19 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge or call for special shipping or delivery cost and arrangements.

The Artist: Craig Palmer, an accomplished blacksmith living in Standard, Alberta, Canada is largely self-taught as there are very few fromal courses for blacksmithing. Craig has dedicated the last 20 years to enhance all aspects of the trade with the inclusion of his Journeyman Welding Certificate and has developed a unique methodology all his own. Mark Asprey, was Craig’s inspiration for transitioning to blacksmithing. Asprey’s work and his books have provided a wealth of information which has and continues to influence the unique character and qualities of Craig’s designs. 

“Metal fascinates me. The endless creativity that can be accomplished with one single piece of metal is immense…how metal can change under heat is an exhilarating process for me. The manipulation, the texture and colour that can be achieved with a single heat is profound.”

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