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Cedar Lake

Framed Marbled Graphic - "Magnolia"

Framed Marbled Graphic - "Magnolia"

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This whimsical tree, Magnolia, is created by this accomplished artist using the ancient art of marbling, painting on the surface of water. Colours are first floated on to a gelatinous size. Combs and rakes are used to create designs by manipulating the colors. A sheet of paper is then laid onto the surface to transfer the pattern from water to paper! Thus, each work is unique. 

The 100% acid-free heavy-weight cotton paper measures 18" x 24" and is framed in a textured metal frame. The framed work is available in gallery only (19 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge), or contact Cedar Lake for shipping arrangements and cost.

The Artist/Designer: Robert Wu combines passion and age-old techniques to create intricate works of art. Robert has a Master’s degree in architecture and his attention to aesthetics, design and detail can be seen in his art work. Among other things, Robert has been creating marbled art since 2000. Collections of Robert’s "Marbled Graphics"™ can be found in private collections worldwide and in notable libraries and institutions including Harvard University and Fisher Rare Books Library, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Robert is also a hand bookbinder, box maker, and gilder. 

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