Original Acrylic Painting - FLYING GEESE

$120.00 CAD

Whether flying north or south, one cannot miss the size and the distinctive call of the Canada Goose. Perhaps that is why the Canada Goose has become such an iconic image for Canada. The two look like they are flying up to join the typical V-formation of their pals. A great Canadian image by this Canadian artist.

Size: 12" x 12". Note: Available in-store only. Please contact Cedar Lake for shipping options and costs.

The artist:Sylvia Grantins, a painter who now lives in Virginiatown, Ontario, grew up in the lush woods of rural Ontario, just outside the boundaries of Algonquin Park. As the daughter of two artists, Sylvia drew and painted from an early age. She explored springtime creeks, skated on the lake, built forts, and played endless Monopoly with her big sister. A tree planting expedition into the wilds of the north awoke a powerful love for northern Ontario. Through a number of odd jobs, a career in art finally began to take hold. Now, Sylvia lives in a tiny northern town “where the snow swirls..and the lakes, trees, and rocks take my breath away”.

Work days find her making the long commute from the bedroom to her painting table in the next room where the blank canvasses (and her clothes) are soon covered in bright dabs and waves, and spirals of bright colours. All of her scenes are inspired by real-life places, with a bit of imagination. Sylvia’s paintings are found in collections across Canada and all over the world.

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