Original Oil Pencil Drawing - GREY SQUIRREL

$295.00 CAD

This original drawing, GREY SQUIRREL, will astonish with its incredible detail, conveying every whisker on the little guy's face, and the softness of its fur. This artist is a master of the tiny strokes and skillful secrets (20-30 layers of colour) that bring the animal to life on the page. This is an amazing gift for art lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and collectors. 

Unframed Size: 10" x 8", Medium: Prismacolor Coloured Pencils,
Substrate: Canson 160gsm. Professionally framed to 16 1/2" x 14 1/2" with double-thickness archival mat and solid wood Canadian-made frame

The Artist: John Richer is a painter and illustrator living in Flamborough, Ontario. He began his artistic journey as a young boy painting alongside his grandmother. John received his Bachelor of Arts from York University and an honours degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from Mohawk College. Following a profession as a graphic designer, John switched gears and moved back to his roots, purchasing his grandparents’ farm property in 2008. Surrounded by nature, his inspiration is now close at hand as he draws and paints in the same studio he did as a boy.

“Nature has always been the primary catalyst in my artwork, no matter what medium or style I’m working with. As an artist, I am interested in capturing the power and beauty that I see existing within the plants and wildlife that surround us.”

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