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Jean Marshall

Original Oil Painting and Walnut Live-Edge - A DAY AT PORT FRANK'S BEACH

Original Oil Painting and Walnut Live-Edge - A DAY AT PORT FRANK'S BEACH

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A DAY AT PORT FRANK'S BEACH, an original oil painting, captures the magic of a day at the beach with the artist's signature rich colour and texture techniques. In a unique addition, the painter has also incorporated a gorgeous piece of walnut live-edge worked into the painting as the shoreline. Known for her "water" and "skies", the artist creates pieces in which you can almost feel the breeze. This unique painting is a special piece that will "take you to the beach" and remind you of the memories of days spent at the beach.

Size: 26" x 24" Due to size of the work, it is available at the gallery only, 27 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge, ON

Jean Marshall, an oil painter born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada has not forgotten her love (and fear) of the rocky coastal waterways and the rugged cliffs, the poetic streams and the little waterfalls. She is one of the original members of the Plein Air Adirondack School of Painters founded by Publisher, Eric Rhoads. An invitation from the Publisher to join the group of masters and their friends took her work beyond the studio to the mountains & valleys of New York. Jean has taken classes from numerous renowned painters. She won the Bronze Award 2015 and the Curators Award 2019, at the Homer Watson Gallery and Museum. One of her paintings recently won a global competition and was subsequently published in an art book. Her work is collected across North America, and most recently a piece was sent to the Yukon.

Jean always using the best supplies that hold archival quality for her collectors and their families to own through generations because as Jean says “Art has meaning beyond words, filled with so many stories to see. It’s documentation.”

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