Original Painting - FALL FLURRY

$500.00 CAD

In FALL FLURRY, the unique style of Canadian Artist, Holly Ann Friesen is perfectly on point despite this being a smaller piece. Known for her abstracted landscapes, Holly Ann brings the viewer into a vibrant forest of rich colours and texture. A sweet gem of a painting for a smaller wall or space above a cabinet or shelf. Though small, it will definitely claim its place. 

Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12" 

The Artist: Holly Ann Friesen, currently living in Kenora, Ontario was raised on a farm in the Red River Valley in Manitoba where her love and appreciation of nature started. Her post-secondary education revolved around plant science leading to a Masters degree in plant genetics, allowing her to focus on nature at the micro- and macroscopic level, which would later be reflected in her art. “There is a different experience viewing the natural world, and a painting, up close and from farther away.” 

Her move to northwestern Ontario prompted her to start making time for her art. “This landscape is endlessly inspiring… its a blend of rock, lake, trees and grand skies - reminiscent of my Prairie upbringing.”  Holly Ann uses colour and shape to examine light and perspective in abstraction. “I enjoy taking a familiar subject and creating something new. There is a promise of something more than what the eye first sees.” A few years ago, Holly added running a public studio and gallery to her art practice where she enjoys meeting people and supporting other artists.