Original Painting - MORNING RAYS

$500.00 CAD

If you love the light in the morning in the wilderness of a forest, you will appreciate the treatment of this special little painting. The artist is a master of light and the gorgeous shades of colour in the piece is typical of her attention to the detail of the spectrum of light. The single tree standing tall against the morning rays gives a sense of serenity. This is a lovely piece on its own, or hang with one or two of Holly Ann's other 12" x 12" for a bigger statement.

Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12" D

The Artist: Holly Ann Friesen, currently living in Kenora, Ontario was raised on a farm in the Red River Valley in Manitoba where her love and appreciation of nature started. Her post-secondary education revolved around plant science leading to a Masters degree in plant genetics, allowing her to focus on nature at the micro- and macroscopic level, which would later be reflected in her art. “There is a different experience viewing the natural world, and a painting, up close and from farther away.” 

Her move to northwestern Ontario prompted her to start making time for her art. “This landscape is endlessly inspiring… its a blend of rock, lake, trees and grand skies - reminiscent of my Prairie upbringing.”  Holly Ann uses colour and shape to examine light and perspective in abstraction. “I enjoy taking a familiar subject and creating something new. There is a promise of something more than what the eye first sees.” A few years ago, Holly added running a public studio and gallery to her art practice where she enjoys meeting people and supporting other artists.