Pottery Leaf Platter

$39.95 CAD

This one-of-a-kind leaf-motif plate is made with the pattern from an actual leaf grown in the potter's garden. The colours in this piece are outstanding. You will want to display it when you are not using it. This also makes a perfect gift for a shower, birthday or other special occasion.

Size: 11" x 9" - perfect for a small space or for a serving plate for two.

The Artist/Artisan: Aloel Cristal, a potter currently living in Tottenham, ON was born in Latvia. Her family moved to Moscow, where she lived until she immigrated to Canada in 1991. In spite of being a third maternal-generation medical doctor (orthopaedic surgeon), she nevertheless was always pursuing different channels of creative self-expression: sewing, knitting, painting, photography, etc. In 2009, the right moment came to plunge into her passion for pottery with her whole body, mind and soul.

Almost ten years later she is a potter, remains a holistic practitioner and is an organic hobby farmer. “I have loved pottery my whole life, since I was a child, and always dreamt of learning to make my own beautiful pots and mugs…My first tastes were influenced by Latvian traditional pottery, and my deepest appreciation and love still remain there. Later on I discovered Japanese traditional pottery, and that also stroke some very deep string within me. It felt very real, very connected to some essence of being, of nature, of elements."

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