Framed Art Pendant - Tall Puffin

$49.95 CAD

This fun puffin pendant will make you smile. In collaboration with two Canadian West Coast artists, the jewellery designer has created truly wearable art. Each image is chosen with the finished product in mind and is a tribute to the original full artwork. The "frame" is solder. The back is stainless steel, and all findings are sterling silver. Does not include silver wire chain.

Size: 3/8" x 2 1/8" 

The Artist/Designer: Cory Judge is a Vancouver-based designer, who "is in love with the transformative power of beauty and is passionate about facilitating personal expression through fashion”. Originally a stained glass artist, Cory weaves together a passion for shape and colour, and the artistry of stained glass in her jewellery pieces in a way that is playful and upholds the ethics of the handmade movement.

The Artist Series carried by Cedar Lake is a collaboration between Cory and Canadian west coast artists, April Lacheur and Olga Cuttell. Each piece is a tribute to a larger original work, and is framed behind glass with solder, silver findings and stainless steel backings. The workmanship on these “truly wearable art” pieces is outstanding.