Puzzle - Wild Canada (750 pieces)

$29.95 CAD
Sandra Dumais is an extraordinary map designer, illustrator and children’s book author. This design showcases the diverse wildlife of Canada. Can you find them all? Sandra lives in Montreal with her husband, 2 children and a rescue dog.

750 pieces, 24″ x 18″ finished size.

Random cut pieces, matte linen finish to reduce eye strain.

StandOut launched in 2016 and is a small batch producer of premium high quality jigsaw puzzles for adults. Based in West Kelowna, British Columbia, StandOut licenses artwork from artists from across Canada, and produces the puzzles in Canada. The handcrafted cardboard canister packaging and standout images make these puzzles some of the most beautiful puzzles you will ever give or receive!
For the puzzler seeking an extra challenge, there is an added packet of "StandOuts" in every puzzle. StandOuts are optional extra pieces that look like they belong in your puzzle… but do they? Toss them in… if you dare.