Saggar Round Decorative Vase - White and Rust

$110.00 CAD

Saggar pottery is among the most exciting of the clay crafts because of its unpredictability. Prepared pots are nestled into saggars filled with combustive materials, such as sawdust, and less combustible organic materials like salts and metals. Some of the materials ignite or fume during firing marking the wares dramatically with colours ranging from black and white markings to flashes of other colours and slight texturing. This elegant vase will be attract attention on a book shelf or cabinet and would make a lovely house-warming or wedding gift.

Size: 5 1/2" tall x 5" at its widest point.

The Artist/Designer: Becky Webster has been creating art of all sorts from a young age and was encouraged by her parents to pursue the arts in college. After graduating in 2001 from Sheridan College’s Craft and Design program majoring in ceramics, Becky began managing S&S Pottery Supplies in Kitchener and set up a studio beside the store where she has created two distinct lines of work that are forever evolving. Over the last 15 years, she has participated in many solo and group exhibitions and currently her work is exhibited and sold in galleries and shops all over Ontario and Quebec.