Seville Orange Marmalade from Tamarack Farms - large, 300 mls

$20.95 CAD

Award-winning Seville Orange Marmalade, 300 mls, finished with single malt whisky. Enjoy yourself, or give as a special artisan food good to a loved one. Available in-gallery only.

The Artisan: Tamarack Farms is a 390-acre working farm in Northumberland County, built on land that was fallow for more than 50 years. The acreage is being rehabilitated as a mixed-use, "high-welfare", no GMO, operation using sustainable, ecological and ethical farming practices.

Tamarack focuses primarily on heirloom vegetable, herb and edible flower growing and the seasonal production of artisanal, small-batch certified organic maple syrup, jams, jellies and preserves as well as pasture-raised sheep and pigs. The animals are Animal Welfare Approved non-GMO certified, and the farm is certified bee-friendly with over 35 hives on the property.

Using traditional recipes, combined with food memories and stories of place and taste, output from the licensed farm-field kitchen has been recognized with a number of awards including 1st Place for Seville Orange Marmalade at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and a gold award at the 2019 World Marmalade Festival, Penrith, UK. The farm's maple syrup process, in the traditionally designed sugar shack in the old-growth forest on the land ,is an annual event that includes the chefs that access the produce of the farm the rest of the year. The syrup was a 1st place (2015) and 3rd place (2018) winner at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for small-batch Maple Syrup.

Essential to the farm's philosophy is a deep and uncompromising respect for the land and the treatment of the animals. Every aspect of the operation reflects the high level of commitment to responsible and ethical stewardship.