Wool Sculpture - Cedar Waxwing (4")

$29.95 CAD

Cedar Waxwings are pale brown on the head and chest fading to soft gray on the wings, which have red tips. The belly is pale yellow, and the face has a narrow black mask. All of these details have been captured by this felting artist. This wet felted wool soft sculpture of soft merino wool and silk with glass eyes and handcrafted beak will be a very special gift for that bird-lover on your list.

Size:  4" from beak to tail tip, 3" tall at head. Each one is handmade and therefore slightly different. Birds come with attached twine to hang as ornament. The birds are designed and made for ornamental purposes and are not meant as toys for small children. 

The Artist/Designer: Lois McDonald-Layden, currently living in New Brunswick, was born and raised in a very small fishing village in Northern Newfoundland. A horticulturist by trade, she is now a full-time felt artist and owns a thriving felted art/home decor business. She also teaches felting at workshops. An army wife and mother of three, Lois has lived all over Canada. Her work is inspired “by this gorgeous country and [her felted wool paintings] include lots of moons, sunsets, trees, wildflowers, northern lights, and the ocean”. Needle felting, the process of binding wool fibres together by jabbing repeatedly with special barbed felting needles, allows Lois to sculpt and paint with wool. Her birds are sold across Canada and her felted wool paintings are in private collections around the world. Lois is proud to be a member of The Fibre Arts Network and a juried member of Craft NB.