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Cedar Lake curates a collection of artist and artisan work, and books by authors from coast, to coast, to coast. There are always new pieces arriving, and they will be posted online as soon as possible. Visit the gallery at 27 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge to be the first to see the art, pottery, textiles, leatherwork, jewellery, fine art cards, woodwork and stained glass. 

Cool Things

Neill Nucifora, currently living in Shelburne, Ontario, had a life-long obsession with gramophones, and Sherlock Holmes. He noticed that the ones he found had two setbacks; a manual crank or they were limited to only playing records. So he thought, “how do I get that cool vintage sound but use it with modern technology?” And that's when it hit it! Drawing on a decade of woodworking experience ranging from custom furniture to custom drum sets, he set out to try and replicate that traditional “sound”. After months of trial and error and countless prototypes, he created a way to utilize different horn and tube combinations, and different varieties of wood to create a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience.
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