Serendipity Sunday Valentine's Day Contest Winners

Serendipity Sunday Valentine's Day Contest Winners

Cedar Lake is pleased to announce the winners of the Valentine's Day Contest.

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their stories of how they met their partners. 

Serendipity Sunday Contest Grand Prize WinnerGrand Prize Winner ($150 Gift Certificate):

Irene Szinavel from Illinois, United States who shared this about her love.

“He was my first boyfriend ever. He lived across the street. We were separated by my family moving to America, but almost 50 years later we found each other and we're together again.”

Second Prize ($50 Gift Certificate) and Third Prizes (2 - $25 Gift Certificates) Winners:

Each of these were chosen as part of the random draws, but we want to share their Grand Prize entries as well because it is such a joy to read about people’s love stories.

M. Doucet from New Brunswick, Canada

“He was my best friend... and one day it just clicked... he's always been more than that! We now have two beautiful children together and I'm lucky to fall in love with him every single day!

H. Medeiros from Maryland, United States

“My husband and I lived 3500 miles apart when we met online a little over three years ago. Neither of us were looking, yet somehow we each found our perfect match!”

B. Townsend from Ontario, Canada

“I was standing on the street waiting for a bus and he approached me and said would you care to have a cup of coffee?” Smile


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