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50 Canadians Who Changed The World by Ken McGoogan

50 Canadians Who Changed The World by Ken McGoogan

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Ken McGoogan takes the reader on a compelling journey through the lives of fifty accomplished Canadians born in the 20th century who have changed—and often continue to change—the world.
He discovers an astonishing array of activists, humanitarians, visionaries, scientists and inventors, all of whom have made an impact internationally. From Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau, John Kenneth Galbraith, Douglas Cardinal, Naomi Klein, Marshall McLuhan, Stephen Lewis and Roméo Dallaire to Glenn Gould, David Suzuki, Mike Lazaridis, Margaret Atwood, Oscar Peterson, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and thirty five others, Ken McGoogan shows us why and how Canadians move in the wider world as influencers and agents of progressive change.

The focus of this book, is uniquely pluralistic-multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multinational. The diversity that emerges in these pages defines who we are as citizens, enabling and encouraging individuals to make a difference. Two thirds of the people celebrated in this spirited, accessible work are alive and thriving today, a demonstration of how 20th-century Canada continues to transform the 21st century.

"Ken McGoogan is required reading for any Canadian who wants to know the real history of our country." -- Peter Mansbridge

KEN MCGOOGAN has published more than a dozen books, among them Fatal Passage, How the Scots Invented Canada, Lady Franklin’s Revenge, Celtic Lightning and Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage. He has won the Pierre Berton Award for History, the UBC Medal for Canadian Biography, the Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize and the Christopher Award for “a work of artistic excellence that affirms the highest values of the human spirit.” McGoogan has worked as a journalist at major dailies in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. He sails with Adventure Canada, teaches creative non-fiction in the MFA program at the University of King’s College in Halifax, and lives in Toronto with his artist-photographer wife, Sheena Fraser McGoogan.

Paperback, 352 pages

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