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Wayne Reardon

Contemporary Stained Glass - SHIMMER

Contemporary Stained Glass - SHIMMER

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The shimmery rondal is the centre of this colourful piece. It has a wonderful quality of changing colour depending on lighting and what is around it, which fits in perfectly with it colourful surroundings. Name a colour, and it is probably here. Red? yes Blue? yes Yellow? yes Green? yes Orange? yes Teal? yes, and so on. The multitude of colours in this piece is set off by corners of beautiful bevels that will cast a rainbow of colours into your room as well. Another gorgeous piece by this Cambridge, Ontario stained glass artist.

Framed Size: 16 3/4" x 16 3/4", framed in solid wood frame, made by the artist, and ready to hang. Due to size and weight this piece is not available for shipping. It is available for delivery in Cambridge, Stratford, Dundas, and surrounding areas. Email with any questions.

The Artist: Stained glass artist Wayne Reardon grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where he first developed an admiration of the historic stained glass windows in churches and homes. He was also inspired by the iconic brightly coloured houses of Newfoundland. After moving to Toronto in his early 20’s Wayne’s interest in stained glass grew as he walked through the old Toronto neighbourhoods and admired the artistry of the many stained glass windows. He decided to learn the art of stained glass at a small shop in Cabbagetown, and began designing and creating custom designs. His passion was ignited, and led him to further develop his skills at night school. Raising a family and a career in accounting and then horticulture put his stained glass on hold for a few years, but the move to Galt, Ontario inspired Wayne to reconnect to his art. He has been creating amazing high-quality pieces of bevelled, coloured and patterned glass ever since. “I design pieces that emphasize the beauty of the glass and, in keeping with my Libra nature, I prefer clean and balanced lines. From the onset of designing and creating the style to selecting the colours and textures of glass, I feel a deep connection with the past.”

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