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Cedar Lake Canada

Curated Package - Unintentional Birder

Curated Package - Unintentional Birder

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Sometimes we grow into birding. What is the joke that goes something like, "you know you are old when you are excited to see birds at the bird feeder". Share these special "birder" items with that special someone. (Only one left.)

This thoughtful package, all done up for you in a white gift box and pretty tissue paper ready to give, includes:

  • Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder by Julia Zarankin - a great read - funny, uplifting & full of the kind of foibles we experience when we try something new.
  • Kingfisher Print Block - 4" x 4" wood, from the original artwork of Wendy Campbell, Hamilton. A perfect piece set on a desk or bookcase.
  • Canadian Bird Sticker Sheet with birds of Canada from original artwork by Wendy Campbell, Hamilton
  • Handmade Felted Book Mark by artist Sue Steffes, Kingston
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