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Miranda Britton

Earrings - Oxidized Silver Ladder

Earrings - Oxidized Silver Ladder

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This unusual oxidized sterling silver necklace was inspired by the old wooden ladders often found in Northern Ontario and roughly but strongly made for functionality. Here the juxtaposition of the rough "wooden" ladder made out of fine silver creates a really interesting piece.  The rungs and sides are cut from square sterling silver wire and soldered into place. sterling silver posts are soldered into place and all ends are filed and sanded. Finally, the piece is oxidized, cleaned and selectively polished to create highlights. A neat gift for you or for a very special someone.

Size  1" in length and 1/2" wide.

The Artist/Designer: Miranda Britton is an artist and jeweller with a BFA in visual art from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia), and training in jewellery making from the Haliburton School of the Arts in Ontario. Miranda’s lifelong fascination with personal adornment and her artistic talent has inspired her to develop a distinctive aesthetic, creating thoughtful and intimate works of art for the body that are inspired by the objects and shapes that she encounters in her daily life. She works primarily with precious metals, however, she sees beauty in even the simplest things. “I find the stories told by a discarded photograph, an old piano key or a hand-picked beach stone just as precious as any gemstone and I often incorporate these objects into my jewellery”.

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