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Sue Steffes

Felt & Fibre Cards - Cardinals

Felt & Fibre Cards - Cardinals

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Gorgeous handmade cards that reflect the love of land and nature of this Albertan. Each is made by hand, and therefore each is slightly different. A wonderful card to send, or to frame! Bookmarks are also available by this artist.

Image size: Approximately 4 1/4" x 3", Card size: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". Includes kraft envelope.

The Artist: Born in Alberta, Sue Steffes spent a great deal of her childhood engaged in creative pursuits, often deriving inspiration from the prairie landscapes she spent hours exploring. As an adult, this adventurous and curious spirit led her to travel for many years , captivated by the people , cultures and landscapes she encountered. The drive to explore carried through her courses of study which included elementary education, organic horticulture and sustainable living skills. 
Sue fortuitously sat in on a felting workshop in 2009, renewing her interest in playing with fibre and fibre techniques. Felt making seemed like pure magic. Initially the work focused on production of functional pieces. In the past few years, however, Sue has shifted her focus to explore felt as means to create art.  In 2014, she completed studies in fibre arts to further develop her skills as an artist and expand her repertoire of media.
With the intent to finally take the wheels off her travelling studio, Sue has moved to Kingston. There she will continue to explore and expand her artistic practice in a region of Ontario that gifts a diversity of ecosystems - true inspiration for her work.

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