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Neill Nucifora

Gramophone - The Watson - Walnut

Gramophone - The Watson - Walnut

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Love the sound of traditional crank gramophones? Well now you can enjoy the old-world horn sound while using the latest technology. Simply turn on your music on your device (ipad, iphone, etc), slip it into the slot, with the speaker positioned directly above the channel to the "speaker", and the music will be amplified by the hand-turned horn! A gorgeous turned and hand-built piece, this is functional and beautiful. A wonderful gift for family and friends, or for yourself!

Size: 6" x 6" x 6", and each is one of a kind depending on the colouring of the wood.

The artist/artisan: Neill Nucifora, currently living in Shelbourne, Ontario, had a life-long obsession with gramophones, and a few year ago began hunting for one for himself. However, he started to notice that each one had two setbacks; they had to be cranked manually and/or were limited to only playing records. So he thought to himself, “how do I get that cool vintage sound but be able to use it with our modern technology?” and that's when it hit him...Build it!

Drawing on almost a decade of woodworking experience ranging from custom furniture to one of a kind drum sets, he set out to try and replicate that “sound” of yesteryear. After months of trial and error and countless prototypes, he created a way to utilize different horn and tube combinations that, when paired with different varieties of wood, create a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience.

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