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Kelly Harrington

Infinity Silk Scarf - Ocean Waves (Black, Red & White III)

Infinity Silk Scarf - Ocean Waves (Black, Red & White III)

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Made of three different but complemetary fabrics, this scarf is a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The graphic design of the large rolling waves, handpainted with metallic outlines, contrasts with the delicate lines of flowers, and both are anchored by the woven black addition. Originally part of a Japanese kimono, each section is individually chosen to complement the others, and the scarf will look different depending on which piece hangs the most prominently. Made of 100% silk, and sewn into an infinity, it is a delight to wear, and will hang well. The pictures are of the same scarf laid in different ways, showing the versatility of each scarf. A beautiful addition to a wardrobe, whether for you or a special friend.

Size: 6" wide x 62" circle

The Artist/Designer: Kelly Harrington, currently living in Cambridge, was born and raised in Simcoe, Ontario. After completing a university degree in art history, Kelly worked at a public gallery in a variety roles and then opened a successful home and garden store known for its eclectic merchandise and exceptional displays. Kelly still works in the visual field, in an arts organization and as a freelance stylist.

Possessing a keen artistic eye, Kelly was inspired to create scarves from the beautiful vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. The complexity of the fabric designs, the motifs that often reference nature and the Japanese aesthetic is a continual source of inspiration and delight. “I love the challenge of finding multiple different but complementary fabrics for one-of-a-kind silk scarves, giving fabrics used in traditional Japanese kimonos a new life as a contemporary fashion accessory.”

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