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Cole Talbot

Iron & Steel Sculpture - MIDNIGHT PINE

Iron & Steel Sculpture - MIDNIGHT PINE

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The iconic pine cone and long-needles on a branch conjures up the pine trees of northern Canada. Constructed entirely by hand of steel, treated to create colour, and coated with clear varathane each needle and each pine cone piece is cut and applied individually to create this one-of-a-kind amazingly detailed work. Signed and dated by the artist. 

Size: 10" x 10", ready to hang.

The Artist: Growing up in a rural area close to Lake Erie, ON, Cole Talbot always chose time along the creek bank and hiking in the woods over video games and being indoors. Cole has always been a “Dare to be Different” kind of guy. At 16 yrs. old he began etching out his own path by fusing together his love of nature and welding, creating his first distinctive piece now entitled “The Beginning”. Through years of formal training Cole developed his skilled welding expertise. His self-taught artistic abilities are fueled by his curious mind and adventurous spirit.

A passion for nature continues to kindle his creativity spending his free time kayaking, camping, rock climbing or simply driving the countryside to see where the dirt roads take him. Cole Talbot draws upon the great outdoors to inspire his unique, one-of-a-kind, custom creations. Since diving into his art full-time almost ten years ago, this young man has become a respected and sought-after artisan. With his work stretching across Canada and internationally Cole continues to enhance and evolve his craft to meet the ever-growing unique projects he is being asked to create. 

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