Little Girl in the Mirror, Cathy's Story by Tara Mondou

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Ever since she could remember, little Cathy Barron loved living with her grandparents on Cape Breton Island, and every summer she looked forward to the day her mother would step off the train from Ontario in her fancy outfit and her red lipstick to visit with her for two weeks.

But in the summer of 1955, her mother demanded that Cathy come to Ontario to live with her for good. Cathy reluctantly said good bye to the only life she ever knew.

She was promised a new and exciting life full of love and happiness, but what Cathy got was the exact opposite.

The only way to survive in her new empty world was to draw strength from her only friend, the little girl in the mirror…

Based on a true story, Tara Mondou artistically recreates the heartbreaking account of her mother’s early childhood.

"This simple compassionate tale sticks with you long after reading the final words on the page." David mcPherson, Author of The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History


Paperback, 232 pages