Tara Mondou

Me and My Shadow by Tara Mondou

Me and My Shadow by Tara Mondou

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rom the Author of “Little Girl in the Mirror”, comes the continuation of four generations of women finding their way to each other on a journey through innocence, acknowledgment, understanding, love, and ultimately, forgiveness.

​Cathy Barron, the “Little Girl in the Mirror”, finally breaks free from the horrible Mrs. Wrenn and now, twenty years later, the story continues with Cathy’s daughter, Tara—a beyond-her-years bright young girl who is now old enough to spend summers in Stratford with her grandmother, Rita.

At the end of every visit, Tara becomes aware of growing tension between her mother and her grandmother; the two women she loves the most. Behind closed doors, her mom shares stories of her miserable childhood, but Gramma denies them all.

Tara desperately wants to know why her mom is so angry at Gramma, but the more questions Tara asks, the more shadowy the answers become.

Afraid of what might happen if her family falls apart, Tara is determined to fix their relationship. But first she needs to find out what happened all those years ago…

"This story depicts how extraordinarily beautiful simple moments in time can be."
—Jennifer Dinsmore, Fiction Editor



Paperback, 232 pages

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